Exclusive 1-Forty-1 Products:

  • 1-Forty-1 Outlaw Camshafts – Street and Racing Applications
  • Our Outlaw Cams provide the perfect blend of power and reliability for all Twin Cam® applications 99-Up.  Ideal for both bolt in applications and complete performance enhancement builds.
  • Now offering exclusive 1-Forty-1 Speed Cycles Performance Piston Kit.
  • Head Pipes for Dynas (Touring models coming soon)
  • Custom Machining for Throttle Bodies – Racing Applications 
  • Custom Exhaust Modifications – Racing Applications
  • Apparel (shirts, hats, beanies, and more)
  • 1-Forty-1 "Silver Bullet Heads"

Jason is continually performing R&D to offer the best performance products to our customers!

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